Is Your Life In Your Own Arms?

A usual morning it is and as I set off to work, I ponder “how much better am I really getting with what I am doing?
The thought stuck with me. How frequently do we find ourselves looking for better things in life and how often do you see yourself doing something about it? How often do you find yourself asking “Where am I heading”?
Just sitting on your bum and fantasizing all day about what we want will most likely make us more frustrated. It’s an illusion to think that things will get better for you just by you wanting them to, without you doing the anything about it.
While it’s great to aim for more but how often do you find yourself in those honest moments, face to face with yourself asking “Hey, what is it that you are going to do today that you have just been thinking of but not put it to action until now.”
It could be anything from setting your alarm clock to an hour earlier, to going for a jog, fixing one extra appointment, making some extra calls or simply anything to move you higher from where you are now. Your life is not about making commitments to a certain somebody but purely to yourself. It’s all about being true to your own existence and crafting it the way you desire. It’s like you have the canvas and you paint it too. To be true to each moment, give your best endlessly so a happy life doesn’t look like a long distance relationship.
So, what is that one wise choice that you are making today towards the life you so desire? Do it and do it now!

-By Sushma Jain