“Change your strokes, change from within”

“How I wish I could change this” is one question always ringing in our mind. One ever wonders what difference could Knowing your strength or weaknesses make? We are in a constant search for that something which can make our life good and then better and then best.

If handwriting reflects your mind and it changes when you change from within, then have you wondered what happens when you deliberately change a few strokes? Well, its simple. Just as the many patterns of your mind affects your handwriting, so does every little positive change that you make in your handwriting does to your mind. Its easy and its super effective as there is nothing that you have to do consciously. All you have to do is practice a few changes everyday leading you to a life you so desire.

Is it for me?is another question that comes to our mind. Well, Graphotherapy is for any person who can write. From a child to an adult, student to teacher, housewife to professionals, its for anyone who have been looking for a positive direction in life. For most people changing your handwriting is much more easier and less time consuming than directly working on your mind.

Nirvanalife has a team of experts with years of experience in providing effective remedies and changes in tune with our clients as we understand that each one is different and is looking for solutions that are tailor made. Over the years we have seen deep lasting changes in the lives of our clients, changes that have helped them believe in themselves and their worth.