Sushma Jain ( Founder & Principal faculty)

Sushma is  a sensitive yet powerful Coach, Graphologist and Speaker.  To inspire and infuse people with a firm belief that each one has infinite potential and resources to live a life of good health, joy, success and abundance is her motto in life.

With her rich experience over the years , coaching,training and inspiring people from all walks of life, be it individuals or corporates , she is quintessential in connecting with people thereby helping them create waves of transformation in their lives. She has been a contributor in the lives of many and lives each moment with much enthusiasm helping people live an outstanding life and excel in their respective fields.

She loves to read, write, travel and do service for society on a regular basis.

Her mission in life is to walk with people, relate with their lives, understand their strategies and take them to a level where they can make wise choices, choices that would make them outstanding in all areas of their lives.


Kanak Jain (Founder)

Kanak’s unique ability is in transforming ideas into immediate action . He is an Enthusiast , Achiever , Developer , Connector ,Positive thinker and a leader in Team Building . Besides his own immediate field of expertise as the Founder CEO of a very successful SUSKAN. Kanak is an enchanting and energetic speaker, has conducted many inspirational, motivational as well as skill development and finance oriented training sessions for many reputed organizations and institutions. In his dual role of speaker-trainer as well as a Volatility Coach , Kanak is a much sought after and popular figure in the professional training. He and his wife Sushma have trained over 10,000 people.

His mission in life is to meet at least one human being everyday and ensure his or her growth by coloring his/her life with inspiration , training and financial awareness. He is the creator and the registered owner of the Game called “The volatility Game” for Financial Awareness and Education.

Other faculties

Prachi Jhunjhunwala (Faculty)

Prachi   is a successful professional as a research analyst in one of the leading MNCs . It is her enthusiasm and sheer love to participate in the growth of people that inspired her to join Nirvanalife as a training faculty.

She is a thorough reader, blogger, yoga enthusiast, strategist and at such a young age she has bright eyes full of dreams.