Understanding oneself and the situations revolving around is the first step to change. Once that is done, its like winning half the battle. The biggest problem is in not being able to identify and always having a hitch in deciding which road to take up.

Some common questions that we face in our day to day livesĀ  are:

What am I meant to do?

Where am I meant to be?

Which road should I travel?

What am I really good at?

How to handle objections (internal/external) ?

Is this the right job for me?

How to have loving relationships?

Choosing the right partner/ career

And lots more


We at Nirvanalife provide detailed analysis of a persons handwriting based on a user requirement. We also offer group analysis for families and corporates. This analysis helps the person inĀ  knowing his strengths and weaknesses , his family life, his colleagues, cereer, his mental and emotional blocks, his many negative and positive patterns and much more.

Alongwith, we also have in our kitty drawing and color analysis which is especially useful in the case of children or elderly who do not have patience to write a complete sample or simply make an extra topping for those with a handwritten sample.