Graphology, the wonderful science of  handwriting analysis is a unique field of study. As an individual we all strive to understand each other. In present times where we are constantly surrounded by people it becomes quite a challenge to understand what is going on in their minds. Be it your spouse, your child, friends, business partners ,colleagues or just anyone, it works as an incredible tool to get  better clarity and understanding of one of the most complex unit of our system  which we all know as the mind.

We, at Nirvanalife offer a range of Graphology based solutions right from an intensive analysis about a person to more intricate details in regards to his various relations and career. Graphology is also a handy tool for recruitment drives and project allocations.

Our Graphotherapy sessions have produced some outstanding results with profound changes in the quality of lives. The foundation of the customized Logos designed by our team is based on the amazing principles of Graphology. To meet the growing requirement of trained and expert Graphologists, we offer a comprehensive diploma course. The 48-hour long program has been framed with utmost care so that by the end of it an individual  is skilled enough to start their his or her own  practice.

We also have a post diploma training/internship program for our students to enthuse them further with the spirit of making a successful profession in this field.