A child is just like that seed the growth of which depends on how it has been nurtured. Each child is unique and if his/her abilities and talents are tended  from a young age , it will lay the foundation for his/her success and satisfaction later in life.

Based on internal/external environment the child begins to inherit weaknesses which you need to work on to create a solid foundation for growth. The child is sometimes exposed to more of a negative environment which sows down various negative seeds in their little minds which later on manifests as inhibitions, low confidence, fear, low self esteem, anger, stubborness or even aggression and depression. All this inevitably builds to lower success and happiness levels when they grow up. Excessive exposure to competition  and peer pressure takes away from them what they are naturally good at. It is always a good idea to help the child in retaining good self esteem, courage and love so that when they grow up they are not just successful adults but also valuable assets to family and society both. This calls for making your children strong enough to strive and grow from a young age itself.


At Nirvanalife, our child development workshops are customized to suit the specific need of each child as we believe that each one is unique. With utmost love and care we are very careful in offering  solutions that are simple yet interesting so that your child can engage effectively for best possible results.

Give your child  precious gift of finally understanding his/her mind.